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The Shawshank Redemption (Movie, 1994)


Two imprisoned men bond over a number of years, finding solace and eventual redemption through acts of common decency.

IMDb: 9.3 (1,886,223 votes)
Metascore: 80

Genre: Crime, Drama

Starring: Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman, Bob Gunton, William Sadler

Directed by: Frank Darabont

Mystic River (Movie, 2003)

Mystic River

With a childhood tragedy that overshadowed their lives, three men are reunited by circumstance when one has a family tragedy.

IMDb: 8.0 (364,508 votes)
Metascore: 84

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Starring: Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Kevin Bacon, Laurence Fishburne

Directed by: Clint Eastwood

Dead Man Walking (Movie, 1995)

Dead Man Walking

A nun, while comforting a convicted killer on death row, empathizes with both the killer and his victim's families.

IMDb: 7.6 (77,981 votes)
Metascore: 80

Genre: Crime, Drama

Starring: Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, Robert Prosky, Raymond J. Barry

Directed by: Tim Robbins

Bull Durham (Movie, 1988)

Bull Durham

A fan who has an affair with one minor-league baseball player each season meets an up-and-coming pitcher and the experienced catcher assigned to him.

IMDb: 7.1 (39,668 votes)
Metascore: 73

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Sport

Starring: Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Trey Wilson

Directed by: Ron Shelton

City of Ember (Movie, 2008)


City of Ember

For generations, the people of the City of Ember have flourished in an amazing world of glittering lights. But Ember's once powerful generator is failing ... and the great lamps that illuminate the city are starting to flicker.

IMDb: 6.5 (56,650 votes)
Metascore: 58

Genre: Adventure, Family, Fantasy

Starring: David Ryall, Ian McElhinney, Harry Treadaway, Tim Robbins

Directed by: Gil Kenan

Antitrust (Movie, 2001)


A computer programmer's dream job at a hot Portland-based firm turns nightmarish when he discovers his boss has a secret and ruthless means of dispatching anti-trust problems.

IMDb: 6.1 (26,514 votes)
Metascore: 31

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Starring: Ryan Phillippe, Rachael Leigh Cook, Claire Forlani, Tim Robbins

Directed by: Peter Howitt